Craft CMS Named Best PHP-based Platform for Small & Medium Businesses

Craft CMS Named Best PHP-based Platform for Small & Medium Businesses
At Outsrc we like to use the best tools for the job, whether we're building ecommerce websites, designing content-rich magazine-style websites or simply setting up email accounts...

So when we heard that our favourite content management system (CMS), Craft, had won an award we thought we had to shout about it.

Craft CMS - by Pixel & Tonic - allows users full control over their website's content, from blog posts to page content; offering control of the positional layout of page elements with its fantastic Content Preview feature. Content Preview provides a test 'live view' of a page prior to making it live giving users the option to edit pages in near real-time before publishing to the web. This also works as a great training tool for new users.

Craft works seamlessly with responsive templates, allowing websites to respond to the shape and size of any device; be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. This combined with the overall simplicity of its dashboard, workflow and file management system makes Craft the obvious choice for creating user-friendly, feature-rich websites for our wide range of customers.

Craft CMS Content Previewing feature

Some of our Craft-based websites:

Lake District Web Design

If you or your business are looking for a new website with full control over content, layout and structure then please get in touch today to find out what Craft CMS can do.